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  • LEFT SIDE BAR 160 x 600 –  Cost ₦200 per day:  Left side banner displays in the homepage only on PCs
  • RIGHT SIDE BAR 300 x 250 size – Cost :  ₦1,000 per day: Right side banner display on all pages on PC and bottom pages on mobile devices
  • SPONSORED TOPICS: Cost :  ₦2,000 per day: topics that appears in fixed positions on top of other topics on the homepage.
  • LEADBOARD ADS 318 x 160 size- Cost :  ₦2,000 per day – Top & bottom banner display on all pages on both mobile devices and PC

To place Ads on Joecrackconcept, follow the sets below

  • Get your Ad banner designed by a graphic designer or desired sponsored post/articles.
  • Your Ad banne r must be borderless, height and width must be same as that of your preferred advertising bundle, less than or exactly 500kb in size and in PNG or JPG format.
  • Once your design is ready, Login as a user
  • Go to the advertise page, click on ‘create new campaign’, then choose your preferred Ad bundle.
  • Upload your design, fill in the form and submit
  • A notification including the approval status
  • Payment mode will be sent to you shortly for payment
  • Once payment is done your ad will begin to show


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