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1. LEMON GRASS IS A PRESERVATIVE . It is used to treat staph infections and fight skin infections. It is an effective wound cleanser. This is a natural insect repellent. This prevents the development of insect epidemics. Lemon grass is an aromatic herb. It has antibacterial and antibacterial properties. This controls excessive sweating. It kills germs that cause body odor. Lemon grass stimulates the metabolism in the body. This prevents the accumulation of unwanted fat. Strengthening the body and fighting obesity. The properties of hyperlipidemia and anticholesterolemia are useful for controlling cholesterol levels in the body. Lemon grass lowers LDL(Low Density Lipoproteins) cholesterol and regulates triglycerides. Lemon grass increases the smoothness of blood flow through the arteries and prevents the accumulation of lipids in blood vessels.

2. IT REMOVES HARMFUL TOXINS FROM THE BODY. Lemon grass is a diuretic that lowers uric acid levels in the body. It fights cancer cells without damaging normal cells. Lemon grass antioxidants prevent free radical damage and reduce the risk of cancer. Lemon grass is a good herbal remedy for treating digestive disorders.It enhances bowel function and stimulates digestion. Destroys harmful bacteria and parasites in the digestive tract. The analgesic effect of lemon grass relieves migraines and headaches. Plant nutrients contained in lemon grass improve blood circulation and relieve cramping.It strengthens skin tissue and reduces irritation. Treat acne problems.

3. IT IS USED TO TREAT FEVER: Boil the grass in water. Breath in the heat three times a day. Or pound the leaves. Boil in a cup of water. Have it two times a day.

4. LEMON GRASS FOR EMPHYSEMA: Cut 2 blades of Lemon Grass. Put in a cup of boiled water and closed. Filter it after 10 minutes. Drink it two time a day.

5. LEMON GRASS FOR RINGWORMS: Put few drops of the Lemon Grass juice in warm water. Wash the affected area with this water. Or boil lemon grass in some water for 5-7 minutes. Use it to press the affected part.

6. LEMON GRASS FOR ATHLETE’S FOOT: Prepare Lemon Grass tea. Drink two times a day. Keep the used tea sac on the affected area OR Boil Lemon grass in some water. Use it as a wash.

7. LEMON GRASS FOR FLAULENCE: Pound the leaves. Boil one teaspoon in a glass of water. Have it two times a day. Or, Make a lemon grass tea with some ginger. Add sugar for taste and drink.

8. LEMON GRASS FOR PULMONARY EMBOLISM: Boil lemon grass in 150 ml of water for 5-10 minutes. Strain this mixture. Daily nutrition can effectively prevent pulmonary embolism.


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