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The NYSC Batch B registration just ended on the 12th of November, 2017. The green card you printed after your 2017 registration which contains your call up number is not your call up letter. Though, it can be used in the camp in conjunction with other required documents.
This article will help you to avoid making unnecessary payment as regards to printing out your call up letter, which is one of the major documents needed to be presented in the camp.

Note: before you would be able to print your call-up letter, you must have printed your green card.
Tips/ways to print your call-up letter
First, open the site http://www.nysc.org.ng
After which, log in with your registered email address and the password. Remember the password and the email you used while creating the NYSC account.
Then, if you are successfully logged in, click on ‘proceed to print call up letter’.
After which, download in PDF format before printing.
Remember, the batch B for NYSC 2017 orientation course (Stream II) will commence on November 24 till December 14, 2017.
Another important fact for those that did not pay for call-up letter, though I know most of you may be panicking on what the result may be, now your lost hope is restored. So, if you have not paid for your call-up letter, kindly go to your institution to collect it.
From findings and thorough observations, we hopefully believe that call-up letter might be released for printing as from November 18, 2017 while the orientation will be open as from November 21, 2017.
How to print out Call-up Letter
For further information as regards to how to and what to do for a successful Youth service, always call on us, as information is always brought to your door step.
Meanwhile there is nothing to fear concerning going to NYSC camp. Many have gone to so many places and survived, we believe your turn will not also be the end.
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