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Npower Update-Federal Government to Set up 50,000 Non-graduate N-Power Volunteers

The Federal Government declared that they are about to deploy 50,000 non-graduate aspirants in the N-Power volunteer agenda.
Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede, the presidential aide on job creation and youth establishment said that nothing less than 50,000 non-graduate applicants would be set up in late September and trained in October in the N-Power volunteer programme.

In Abuja on Tuesday, Afolabi said that the deployment was interrupted allow the job creation team to provide all materials needed for training the volunteers.
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He said that volunteers would begin the three-month vocational training in seven courses closely followed by nine months apprenticeship in related industries before going into self-employment.
Afolabi said that the officials mapped the volunteers who applied in 2016 to go to different centers for physical certification to make sure that those in the existing N-Power programme were completely removed which is the reason for the September deployment.
“Contracts were awarded as at end of June and as I speak now literally all contractors have delivered to the six zonal warehouses that we then appointed,” he said. “So we have a warehouse for South South in Edo which is a gateway into South South, for South East we have a warehouse in Umuahia, for South West we have Lagos.

“For North East, we have Yola, for North West we have in Kaduna and we have a warehouse in Abuja for North East.

“These are the zonal warehouses that have gotten tools for all the vocational trades from automobile to carpentry and all the seven courses.
“Furthermore, the training consumables that the centres would use to bring the volunteers to the level of industry competence were also secured and doled out in all six zonal warehouses,’’ said the aide.
“So, there will be no case of the training being given out in Yobe different from the one in Kaduna or in Umuahia and also no question of some centers having consumables and others claiming they were not made available,’’ he explained.
Imoukhuede said that a center assessment committee, chaired by the Labour Minister with himself as alternate chair was set up this year to visit the zones.
With this committee, the N-Power team had actually gone around the country and selected three states again in each geopolitical zone plus Lagos and Abuja.
The training centers are now in 19 states and FCT, plus the fact that all the centers are recommended for training and retreats across the country.
“What we are doing from here is to map the volunteers to these centers because we did take applications for the non-graduates last year. In 2016, we had 315,000 graduates and 301,000 non-graduate applications. Out of the 301,000 applications 124,000 of them were for the vocational trades in the seven disciplines.

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