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The long awaiting test that was rescheduled to hold on August 9, 2017 has started. Joecrack concept advises that all the applicants should try to log in as to know the day they will take their assessment test. Please read through to know how the assessment test procedure was restructured which made it a little bit different from the previous programmes – N-Tax, N-Health, N-Agro.

Applicants for N-Teach are advised to log in with their phone number and BVN to know when to take their assessment test.

When you gain access to login the N-Teach test portal, don’t be worried if you cannot write your test immediately, as the test is been written in batches.

The N-Teach test has been structured into:

N-Teach Assessment Test

The question for the N-Teach applicants comprises of eleven (11) different questions from English and current affairs with only 20minutes to take your test

N-Power Device Selection:

This is where you will be asked to select a device of your choice (mobile tablets) for the programme. The devices include Samsung,

N-Power Skill and Experience Evaluation Test

It is also called N-Teach Stem Assessment Test: this is for all N-Teach applicants who selected some competency skills during the online registration. Skills like Database, programming, Networking Relating Skills, Animation, Graphic, CGI Related Skills, be prepared to take a second test known as STEM test.

Also, if you are told that your BVN validation is in progress when you login the test portal, do not panic we advise you to check back by Friday August, 11, 2017.

For some, you won’t be able to log in or the test portal will display *INVALID LOGIN* this is due to your BVN records does not match your application and your journey has come to an end.

To start your test click https://apply.npower.gov.ng/n-power-teach-test/login/index.php

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