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There are certain items you need to take along with you when you are contacted to collect your device. These items are listed below and do ensure that you adhere to it.
NPower Device collection Delivery Centers 2017

Note: this delivery update is for those who chose their device before March 27¸2017.

  1. Valid identity card
  2. Evidence of your unique N-Power number and
  3. Print of the device you chose online.

In the early part of August 2017, the federal government signed an Asset Finance Agreement with the Bank of Industry to provide devices and some device dealers were acknowledged by the Bank of Industry to provide these devices. Some of these dealers have delivered theirs except Brian and Speed star.
A team is at present pre-loading each of the devices with more than a million resources which comprise videos, textbooks and lots more.
In order to make things easier and faster, N-Power have started delivering devices to beneficiaries who chose their devices before March, 2017 in Lagos and Abuja.
However, there have been delays on the delivery of the devices to N-Agro volunteers in Lagos and Abuja resulting from incomplete training with the Ministry of Agriculture in Lagos and the large number of N-Agro beneficiaries who did not attend the training in Abuja. Those who dutifully attended the training would be contacted in due time.

See what Beneficiaries Received From N-Power

In Lagos and Abuja, beneficiaries received their devices in MTN Service Centers but it was a different story in Rivers State because the pace with which it was done made was slow thereby ramping things up.
We hereby plead with beneficiaries in Rivers State to be orderly as it is NOT done on the basis of first come, first serve. Each of the devices has been marked with the names of the beneficiaries so NO ONE can give your device to another person.
It has come to our notice that some fraudsters have been asking for money so you would be allowed into the venue. DO NOT PAY TO ANYONE. In fact, take a photo or record a video and post it on the website and it would be immediately rectified.
At present, shipping has begun to 7 other states apart from Lagos, Abuja and Rivers states. These states will be made public as soon as the plans and logistics have been fully settled.
We plead with you to be patient and understand this scheme takes a due course. It is important to note that everyone will get their devices as all hands are on deck to make certain that your device gets to you as soon as possible.
SEE 2017 N-Power Tax Interview Update:
If you were contacted through phone by N-Power it is required of you to check your e-mail. If you are chosen a message would appear on your screen. Some part of the message goes thus: “Congratulations, you have been selected!”
“Dear N-Tax applicant, Congratulations on your successful performance at
the telephone interview.”

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