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The Southern Eastern zone is filled with criticism because of the deployment of combat-ready personnel for an operation named Egwu-Eke II interpreted as Python Dance II in five states of this geo-political zone.
kanu Reacts, Say the Federal Government Want us to Take Arms

The second phase of this special operation which started about twelve months back would hold in 82 states between September 15 and October 14, 2017.  In these states, there would be raids, road blocks, anti-kidnapping drills, cordon and search operations, patrols, check points, humanitarian relief activities which includes medical empowerment and use of force to stop the threat of threat to national security in this part of the country.

The Nigerian Army

Exercise Egwu-Eke II is now more expedient because of the brutal killings, attacks on security officers and stealing of weapons, armed bandits, kidnappings and so many other crimes which is almost destroying this region.
These secessionist groups say that since the government has refused to notice these problems and the earnest cries and pleas of the people, they will apply brute force so as to balance the unjust status quo.
The people are been terrorized and oppressed simply because they ask for fiscal federalism and regional autonomy like it was in the First Republic.

kanu Reacts, Say the Federal Government Want us to Take Arms

The IPOB told the Chief of Army Staff to send back the armored tanks that are being gathered in the Biafra land to the war fronts in the North where they are needed because there would be no war in the East.
The IPOB advises Buratai not to march his army into Biafra land under the cover of Operation Python Dance because IPOB agitates for self determination in a diplomatic manner.
The MASSOB also urged President Buhari not to violate the rights of the people as clearly stated in the human rights charter all in the name of providing where there seems to be no threat to security.
The Igbo National Council (INC) has ordered the Chief Army of Staff withdraw troops in the zone in 21 days or else it would sue the Nigerian Army to the Internal Criminal Court (ICC) for genocide against the South-Easy zone.
However, there are groups which support the federal government such as National Committee of Yoruba Youths, NCYY, and Coalition of Civil Society Groups against Terrorism in Nigeria in the deployment of troops to the South-East.
The groups are pleased with the decision because it will bring back normalcy and ensure that Nigerians live peacefully molestation and restrictions.

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