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From the last edition of this bulletin, we defined diabetes and explain its various types; discussed their general symptoms, causes, diagnosis, complications, but not enough of its management options, and recommendations. Moreover understanding the concept, without adequate knowledge on how to effectively combat the endemic disease may be futile; thus it become imperative to adequately explore the VARIOUS MANAGEMENT OPTIONS required for a smooth fight against diabetes and its related complications.
Combating the menace of diabetes can effectively be achieved in Three (3) ways. Also, it is important to note that the result would be faster when the three techniques are applied at the same time. The techniques include:

  1. Prescribed physical exercise
  2. Recommended healthy diets, and
  3. The use of prescribed anti-diabetic medications.

As an illustration, a motor car can start and move only when there is a significant amount of fuel in the engine. The longer a distance and speed the car moves, the more the fuel runs down. If the car is not moved or used, the fuel will remain in the tank (car) and the total energy of the car will be conserved. Sometimes, if the fuel remains in the car over a long period of time, the fuel could gradually become oxidized (spoiled) which is dangerous for the car’s engine. The human body is like a motor car. The sugar in us is like the fuel in the car; the car engine represents our organs and muscles. The more active a man is, the more the sugar is burnt down; alternatively, if he is not active (sedentary), the sugar becomes accumulated in the blood and become a major threat to the kidneys in the absence of insulin.
Therefore, exercise and physical activities becomes necessary for an effective combat against hyperglycaemia (excessive blood sugar). Example of such exercise include: walking, swimming, yogha dance, jogging, skipping, running, etc. Factors as intensity, duration, mode, and frequency of exercise characterised a good exercise programme and thus should always be considered.
It is also recommendable that before an exercise programme begins, the patient’s blood pressure and fitness level is checked by a Trained Physician, and then suitable exercises be prescribed based on the level of health.
Foods are substances we ingest (eat) to leave. Food items include carbohydrates, proteins, fats/oil, vitamins, minerals and water. They supplies the body with essential nutrients needed for its physiology and nourishments. However, not all food types are good for a patients leaving with diabetes. Example of such food include: Sugar cane, table sugar, cassava, yam, maize, beer, millets, ripe plantain, rice, sugary drinks, etc. They all increases the blood sugar level and constitute a major threat to the kidneys. However, fruits, vegetables, wheat, seed nuts, fish, palm oil, beans, unripe plantain, male goat meats, low cholesterol oils, margarine etc are all safe for diabetic patients. Also, be informed that Sugar does not cause diabetes, but only become a threat in people who are already diabetic; thus, an apparently healthy person is not to avoid sugar, otherwise the beta cells of the pancreas may become atretic (dead), and whenever sugar is ingested, diabetic complication could begin. All foods are to be consumed in moderate quantities.
There are many classes of anti-diabetic medications, and prescriptions are normally based on the type of diabetes and complications being presented. Always consult a trained health care provider for a proper examination, and counselling before drugs administration.
While we acknowledge the above 3 important treatment options, it is ultimate to note that a successful fight against diabetes and all diseases can never be won without Christ in your life; a life without Christ is full of crises. When one is in Christ all things become new, and old-bad-healths are passed away. I wish above all things that thou mayesth prosper and be in good health in JESUS Name! Amen!!

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