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N-power testimonies and way forward/2017/2018
As authorized by the National Social Investment Programme (N-NIP), most persons that were opportuned to be a beneficiary of Federal Government N-Power have started seeing light and are now enjoying the enormous gains from the Investment Programme after five months of empowerment. N-Power as  a part of N-SIP have been paying graduates and non-graduates at the age of 18 and 35 years the sum of N30, 000 monthly and it will last for the period of two years.

There were lots of testimonies on how the programme has helped them as affirmed by most beneficiaries at Abuja. Most of the beneficiaries affirmed that the empowerment has taken them out of poverty.
A beneficiary of N-Power who was posted to a Nomadic Primary school in Plateau state stated “I had a degree in Biology Education but developed love for agriculture. I graduated in 2011 and did my NYSC in 2012. For five years I have been looking for work but to no avail.” He further stated that there was no money to start up the project he had in mind which is farming but as he was employed and from the salary he receives he started planting Irish Potato plantation with 15 bags and optimistically she is expecting 50 bags by July.” Nwanjel Alfred stated. He pleaded that Federal Government should employ them after the two years of empowerment.
Correspondingly, another beneficiary  affirmed,  “I became a photographer just to survive after graduating since 2008, I joined contribution and from the money I receives, I used it for the contribution and now I have gained 180,000 from the contribution. Now I want to open a cyber café in combination to my photography business.” Daniel Jeremiah said.
Jeremiah also said that FG has been paying N4,500 to a company that would produce the device that would be used to empower the youths more and it will be distributed in the month of June.
Additionally, Okoka Owa, a graduate from Cross Rivers state appreciated the Federal Government for giving him the opportunity to be part of this crucial programme which he affirmed that is really empowering. He also said that he has been able to save N10,000 from the stipend of N30,000. Now, he wants to open a food stuff which would help to generate more money for him. Infact the way he sounded, it has really helped developed a standard that would him have a good standard of living.
Truly, these testimonies has become the talk of the day, as it promotes a lot of people’s life.
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