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N-Power. We wish to inform you the current update on N-POWER, concerning the assessment test.
We have sent SMS to ALL N-Health applicants but we understand that some people have not received it. Have problem to login

If you have taking your assessment. So if you applied for N-Health and you have NOT written your assessment tests, please log in to write your test with your BVN and Phone number.
If you are unable to log in, please note that your BVN records do not match your application so your application journey has come to an end.
As we visit States across Nigeria, we see the impact you are making in your communities as N-Power volunteers. What you do matters and brings us so much joy  and great opportunities for your career, N-POWER is very happy
That is why it is sad when we come across volunteers who have been paid since the inception of the programme and have hardly worked at their Primary Place of Assignment.
Below is a list of N-Power volunteers whose payments have been put on hold because they have not been/hardly been to their Place of Primary Assignment. Subsequent lists will also be posted.
N-Power is a full time volunteer job. Treat it with all the seriousness it deserves.
Those who apply for N-health, can take their  N-health assessment tests now.
Some of you have gotten the SMS to write your tests, so please log in and write your test.
Some others that applied for N-Health will get their SMS between now and Monday, the 24th of July, 2017.

KEYNOTE : ONLY those whose BVN records match their applications will be invited to write the test.
Note. ONLY candidates whose BVN records match their applications will proceed to the Assessment Test Stage. The arrangement of the names doesn’t disqualify you.
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