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A well known night club owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nite Shift Coliseum, Chief Ken-Caleb Olumese, decleares his intention to have other feel of life made him to operate a night club over being a priest.
It might shock you what happened to a well known priest that was abandoned in night club, Chief Ken-Caleb Olumese, See the reasons behind it.

Olumese, also known as the “Guvnor”, made to open up while speaking on Sunday on the sidelines of the Lagos International Drink Festival.
He said “I have no regret for my decision,” he said
He was one of the influential and participant at the drink festival at the Balmoral Event Centre of the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday.
More than 3,000 participants, 2,000 International and Local Exhibitors and 500 delegates gathered at the first  three-day International Drink Festival put together by the Balmoral Group.
Although, Olumese who hosts A-List guests is well known with the strings of influences from the timbre and caliber of famous people who prefer to hang out at his club.
He started the club in a little way in1998 in a temporary apartment around Opebi area of Ikeja after which he bought a permanent structure named Coliseum along Salvation Road, Opebi, on Feb. 2, 1999.
The night club was slashed 2005 by fire after which it was refurbished and re-opened.
About the business that had made him famous, the Edo-born Olumese said that he had no regret in his choice of career which had spanned over two decades.
“As I have said, I have no regret for my decision to set up a night club, everything you do in life has its risks and implications.
“I could have followed the ways of my father who is a priest, because while others are sleeping, I chose to go to night clubs.
“That is what I want for my life at that particular time, nobody forced me into it. Life is about the choice make and how you face the real fact of life.
“I thank God for the way He has guided me, when it’s time to retire, I will decide within myself that it was time to let go and have my quiet time,” he said.
Olumese said,  the only thing he did not get right was more time to spend with his family which, he noted, had been reciprocated with the grandchildren.
“The only challenge in the business is that my line of engagement really took me away from my family and children, I barely had time; but I thank God they are successful.
“Now, I have to redeem the time after retirement, to spend the time I have not spent with my children and with my grandchildren because I wish I had spend more time with my immediate family notwithstanding my past mistakes.
“To say the fact, I cannot say that I am a rich person but I am very much comfortable with what God has blessed me with, what more can I ask from God?
“The real essence is to be content with what you have and that is the secret of life, the more you start chasing what you cannot afford there comes the problem,” he said.
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A Man Who Abandoned Priesthood for Night Club

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