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It is a thing of joy as the State Security Service (SSS) is now recruiting Nigerians who are searching for job nationwide. Remember this segment (Department of State Services) is among the best job opportunities in Nigeria.

Remember the registration is not done online, it is not like other jobs where one must apply online. Note that you can still check Department of State Services for further enquiry and updates.

This is the website www.dss.gov.ng

Requirements for Registration of the 2017 State Security Service (SSS)

  • Statement of results/certificates
  • Handwritten application letter addressed to The Director General, State Security Service, Abuja
  • Two colour passport photos
  • Letter indicating local govt of origin signed by traditional ruler or by local govt authority

Note: You are not advised to apply until you have this information for legible application into the Department of State Services. DSS would never request any form of payment either via bank account or scratch card to apply. To apply simply visit the SSS state headquarters in your state of origin. Then submit the Above registration requirements. Submission is currently on going.

Eligibility for registration into State security service

  • You need to be a University Graduate with at least 2:2 grade.
  • Pregnant, flat footed, or fractured body part persons are not also eligible to apply
  • You need to be Nigerian
  • You must not exceed 30 years of age
  • If you are an ex-convict or currently having a court case you are not eligible to apply

Note: You must have all the above before proceeding for registration into the Department of State Services (DSS)

These are the various opportunities or job vacancies you can apply for. Checkout the one open to your discipline:

Hospitality managers (caterers) | Lawyers | Mathematics education | Ophthalmology nurse | Orthopedic surgeon | Pediatric nurse | Pediatrician | Psychologist | Purchasing and supply | Anesthetic Nurse | Anesthetist | Building engineer | Chemistry education | Computer engineer | Mechanical engineer | Network engineer | Satellite communication engineer | Computer science education | Criminologist | Data administrator | Dietician | Ear nose and throat nurse | Electrical engineer | Electrical electronic education | English education | Obstetrician and gynecologist | Optometrist Radiographer | Radiologist | Satellite images interpreter | Sociologist | Software developer/programmer | Statistician

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