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Nigeria musician Juliet Lawrence also known as Mhiz Amber was found dead in her home on Saturday

The lifeless body of Juliet who is said to be 5 months pregnant was found hanging in her apartment leading to her friends sysoicie that she must have been murdered

According to the information given to the police by her foreign lover Jim Roach, he claimed that she committed suicide after they had an argument on Friday

Few friends refused to buy the story as they said that the lovers had already been having troubles in their relationship

According to a friend of hers, Juliet had already made up her mind to leave the relationship before she foundout that she was pregnant , so she asked Roach to pay her 5 million naira but he only agreed to pay her 2.2 million naira which he was yet to fulfill before her death

Friends call for justice as a pregnant musician known as mhiz Amber was found dead in Calabar

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