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The reports states that Africa has recorded 8,222 deaths due to complications arising from COVID-19.


According to the latest figure released by the World Health Organization, WHO, regional office for Africa in Brazzaville, Congo, the number of COVID-19 cases in Africa has risen up to 312,740 in the past 24 hours.


Africa has also recorded more than 149,000 recoveries from COVID-19 infections.



On Tuesday, Seychelles reported 11 cases and zero death, followed by Lesotho (12 cases, 0 death, Namibia (63 cases, 0 death), (Eritrea 143 cases, 0 death), and Uganda (774 cases, 0 death).


Egypt has 2,193 reported deaths, the highest number on the continent.


Meanwhile, Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, has recorded 506 reported deaths.

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COVID-19: World Health Organisation reveals countries with no death cases

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