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Fidelity Bank Recruitment 2018 – Working With Fidelity Bank; If working with a team of highly successful people who are making a positive difference in our business and our community ranks topmost in your mind, look no further as Fidelity Bank offers you an exceptional career opportunity to achieve great things! At Fidelity, we are proud of our many feats but we take special pride in our people and aspirations set in our shared values, vision and mission.

As a member of the Fidelity team, you are afforded the opportunity to share in these lofty aspirations, develop the required skills and expertise to excel in your preferred career path and make a positive contribution to the growth and expansion of our business as well as the development of our host communities.
Fidelity Bank Job Recruitment 2018 – Would you like to work with Fidelity Bank? Below are some useful information about 2018 Fidelity bank careers.
We provide an environment filled with exciting challenges that require innovative solutions. In view of this, we seek to unearth the best talents from individuals with the right kind of ambition and character required to sustain our business. This will help us maintain the position to always keeping our promises to our customers and the communities we serve.
Fidelity Bank Job Recruitment 2018 – Would you like to work with Fidelity Bank? Below are some useful information about 2018 Fidelity bank careers.
If you know that you are have all it take to work as a banker then you may opt for a career in the banking industry. In particular, you might want to take part in the Fidelity Bank Job Recruitment 2018.
The available job positions in Fidelity Bank you can consider:
Graduate Trainee:
If you want to apply for the position of Graduate Trainee, you have to know about these requirements.
Age: Not more than 26 years old
Working period: Full Time
Applicant MUST possess First degree (First & Second Class Honors Division) or HND (Upper Credit) are obligatory requirements.
Applicant Must have Completed NYSC program.
Generally, experience isn’t required, but if you have at least one year of experience in the banking sector it would be a benefit.
If that you want to know more about any other specific job vacancy you can search on the official site of Fidelity Bank for other possible positions.
Front Desk Officer:
This vacancy needs applicant being a kind of a liaison between customers and the company’s executive department. You will need to make telephone calls, greet people, schedule some meetings, verify identification etc.
Application Requirements:
Higher education diploma (Bachelor) or Higher National Diploma in the sphere of Management or Social sciences;
NYSC completion is obligatory;
Experience (at least 2 years in similar role);
Age: not more than 30 years old.
Interested candidates should click here and apply
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