Best Money Saving Apps in Nigeria

Saving money is known to be a habit for many Nigerians. If you’re looking for money savings apps in Nigeria to save your income and gain interest, listed below this article is the best way you can save money easily by just using a money savings app on your Android or iOS device.

With these apps, you can control how your money will be utilized. also, you are entitled to interest rates when you save money on these apps.

List Of The Best Money Savings Apps in Nigeria

1. PiggyVest

This is one of the top leading companies in Nigeria that makes it possible for every Nigerian to save money anytime, and utilize and grow their finance. PiggyVest has existed for a long time. it has helped a lot of Nigerians save money. with this platform, you can save and also invest at the same time. they also offer different savings plans.

Their interest rate goes up from 10% to 13% per annum on your savings. This app has a lot of features in it, and if you want to have target savings, SafeLock or you want to invest in dollars, all this can be done on the PiggyVest app. you can download the app on Android and iOS.

2. Cowrywise

Cowrywise is known to be another top money-saving app in Nigeria. if you want to save and also get a good interest rate when you save money, you can always trust Cowrywise. You can save in groups on Cowrywise.

Cowrywise is safe and reliable and they also offer savings accounts. You can arrange your saving circles to be Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Cowrywise is a very good money-saving app in Nigeria and it’s also one of the best money savings apps in Nigeria.

3. Crowdyvest

Crowdyvest is another money savings app in Nigeria, it’s very easy to access, it’s safe and reliable and its saving plan is one of the best out there. their interest rate is also one of the best compared to other saving apps. their interest rate goes from 12% to 15% per annum, and their saving plans make it very easy to decide how you’ll want your money to be utilized for future use. One of their saving plan like Pace lets you save for a targeted amount under 3 months and more. you will also be given a huge interest rate when you’re ready to use your money.

You can find this a top money-saving app on the Google Play Store or on Apple Store in your Andriod and IOS devices

4. Kuda MFB

Kuda is a very popular digital banking app in Nigeria. the Kuda MFB is one of the best digital banks in Nigeria that makes sending money and paying bills very easy. With the Kuda app, you can enjoy up to 25 free transfers to other banks. you can also pay phone bills, electricity bills, television bills, and many more. They help customers to save money and get a certain interest rate when they save on the Kuda app. Kuda offers up to a 10% interest rate when you open a Flexible Savings account. they also offer up to 15% interest when you open a Fixed Savings account.

5. V by VFD

V by VFD is a digital banking app in Nigeria, and it’s one of the best apps to use. You can enjoy unlimited free transfers from them. they also have good customer support that responds and gives solutions to a problem when needed. You can also open a savings account on V by VFD and you’ll be getting good interest on your savings, they have two saving plans and you can either open a Target Savings Account or a Fixed Deposit Account. you can download their app on your Android and iOS smartphones.

V by VFD is a very good savings app in Nigeria and it’s one of the best money savings apps in Nigeria. you can download their app on Android and iOS. If you want to utilize your money perfectly through savings, V by VFD is one of the best apps you can use.

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